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Useful Links

The site that tells you all about Health Disks, how they work and what energy imbalances that cause physical symptoms they can help with. You can purchase any of the Natural Healing Solutions products through the eCommerce store attached to this site. A great place to buy presents for loved ones that improve their health that they are unlikely to have already!!!

Natural Therapy Centre

The Isle of Wight centre of excellence for various natural therapies and ecological studies including Dr Vav Simon, chiropractor extra-ordinaire for people and animals

Vet, Tom Lonsdale's definitive website on the natural feeding of our dogs, cats and ferrets. His book, Work Wonders is a must read for any conscientious vet and dog owner and is a more concise read of the original well referenced Raw Meaty Bones.


Keep up to date with the activities of the UK Raw Meaty Bones action group. Get practical advice from owners and breeders who have already swapped their pets onto a natural raw meaty bones diet. Loads of links to other useful sites.

Quite simply the easiest, cheapest and best commercial equine feed on the market in my opinion. If you need advice and wish to feed your horse as naturally as possible whilst maintaining energy levels then look no further.

Lucinda McAlpine is one of the world's leading authorities on naturally managing horses and as a leading dressage rider she helps countless riders with problems with their riding, their horses or both.

At Lucinda's Centre for Natural Equine Excellence she has divided her approach to learning into three distinct areas; Natural Equine Development, Emotional Growth and Intuitive Riding. A joy to watch ride.

Home dog training. We come to you where the problems occur. All dogs and problems covered by our Written Service Guarantee. Fast and lasting results. Our unique training system uses the same communication methods, voice tone and body language, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality.

Martine Stiles BSc Hons PGDip

Martine is a McTimoney Chiropractor who treats people and animals. Chiropractic care realigns and rebalances the body to relieve pain, discomfort and increase mobility. Tel: 07810433701

Mirrorstone Crystals is the Midland's leading provider of high quality crystals and fossils. Visit the web site to buy online or visit the shop at

4B Heathfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7BD