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Indiba uses electro-current to increase heat and healing primarily for sports injuries.

Indiba Animal Health (was Tecar)

The Veterinary Indiba system is a new adaptation of Indiba®, a physiotherapy system that has been used successfully to treat humans since 1983. The Indiba® system has been used extensively for medical aesthetics, physiotherapy and medical applications in humans. It is equally applicable for use in animals although few animals worry about aesthetics the way some people do!

The human system known as Indiba® Activ is used by professional athletes in a wide variety of sports (Tennis, Football, F1, Moto GP, Basketball, Athletics etc) and has been used by the Olympic teams from Japan and Italy. The Veterinary Indiba is more widely used in Italy and Spain to treat both horses and dogs.

Indiba uses a 448 kHz electromagnetic wave in either capacitive (induced) or resistive (direct) electrical currents to produce non-thermal and thermal effects in tissues that stimulate and speed the body's natural healing processes. Non-thermal effects include changes in the biochemistry and biophysics at the cellular level. Thermal effects are due to increased metabolic processes and micro-circulation along with electrically induced thermal effects. Clinical trials have established how Indiba works and treatment regimes have been established for use in treating muscle spasm, tears and strains, tendonitis, sprains, synovitis and bursitis, painful and swollen joints from injury or arthritis and all manner of inflammatory processes where increased lymphatic drainage is beneficial. Providing bio-stimulation to all body processes and increasing vascularisation and tissue oxygenation can only increase healing processes and provide rejuvenation.

Indiba stimulates injured tissues (i.e. tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscles) to activate natural anti-inflammatory and repair processes, achieving exceptional results in terms of efficacy and rapid action. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, thus speeding up the elimination of toxins that slow down healing processes.

Treatment sessions take less than 1 hour and can be used for treatment of specific injuries and swelling, non-specific general enhancement of tissue function and recover such as large muscle groups and thus has a role in performance maintenance and to reduce the risk of injuries. Indiba can also help improve organ perfusion and function.