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Terms and Conditions

Please note that the RCVS does not endorse any of the treatments or products that are referred to in this website or the claims made in respect of those products or treatments.

Terms and Conditions

Visitors to this website do so of their own free will on the understanding of the following terms and conditions and in full acceptance of the Disclaimer. Natural Healing Solutions takes no responsibility for any occurrence resulting from making decisions or taking actions based on information contained within the Natural Healing Solutions website. Anybody who disagrees with these terms and conditions should leave the website and refrain from using Roger's services, or using any of the techniques or products described.

Natural Healing Solutions is dedicated to spreading the word about Roger's services and products on offer. Although there may be information common to other websites they are separate entities. Natural Healing Solutions takes no responsibility for any information contained on any other sites. Likewise, others are not responsible for the inclusion of any information on this website.

There are undoubtedly other people and practitioners who use the same or similar technology, techniques or products as described on the Natural Healing Solutions website. Natural Healing Solutions takes no responsibility for the actions of any other practice or individual promoting or using the same or similar technology, techniques or products.


None of the energetic therapies mentioned on this site are currently recognised by the conventional medical authorities. Roger can only comment on his past successes and experiences from my own and my clients' perspectives. It is impossible to guarantee future successes in any individual situation. Roger will endeavour to give his honest opinion in good faith on individual cases but cannot be held accountable for any future outcome. Roger can only give his best guess on what he may be able to achieve based on his experience after making a full and proper investigation and examination. Clients engage Roger's services on the understanding that he is human, has no crystal ball for seeing into the future and whilst he tries to replicate the 80-90% success rate for treating with Scenar, there are by definition some cases that do not respond or are revealed to be more complex and serious than first believed for which no treatment would ever be successful. Roger will always endeavour to keep his clients fully informed throughout any treatment process.

Successful treatment is solely due to the body self-healing and I make no specific medical claims regarding the use of these technologies to treat a disease or condition by direct action on it. The energetic treatment techniques mentioned should be considered experimental. Personal experience and personal recommendation by others who have experienced and witnessed the use of these devices remains the best possible guide to the probability of future successes.

These experimental energy balancing devices are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition in the conventionally accepted manner. Always consult with a licensed veterinarian for treatment of any animal regarding a medical condition. I cannot answer individual questions regarding compatibility of any of the techniques suggested with prescribed medications as they have not necessarily been tested together, in the same way that prescription pharmaceuticals are not trialled in commonly used combinations either. Any answers to such questions must be considered an informed guess at best.