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Please note that the RCVS does not endorse any of the ideas, treatments or products that are referred to in this website or the claims made in respect of those products or treatments.

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Natural Healing Solutions takes no responsibility for any occurrence resulting from making decisions, or taking actions based on information contained within the Natural Healing Solutions website other than from work undertaken by Roger which is covered by his Professional Indemnity Insurance as a fully licensed veterinary surgeon.

Should you choose to use Roger's services and/or purchase products from the online store, it is considered acknowledgement and acceptance that you are consenting to do so in full knowledge that the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons does not understand or recognise the techniques that Roger uses, or the way in which he works.

Anybody who disagrees with these terms and conditions should leave the website and refrain from using Roger's services, or any of the techniques or products described.

If you browse this website you are considered to have been given sufficient opportunity to familiarise yourself with these Ts & Cs, and you are considered to have been notified of all warnings whether you chose to avail yourself of them or not.

This website is dedicated to providing information about Roger's services and products on offer as a fully qualified veterinary surgeon which legally allows him to diagnose and treat animals in ways that non-veterinarians aren't legally allowed to do. Although there may be information common to other websites, they are separate entities. Natural Healing Solutions takes no responsibility for any 3rd party information contained on any other websites, or distributed by any other people. Likewise, others are not responsible for the inclusion of any information included on this website.

All information included on this website is either information Roger has learned or researched or is his opinion through his personal experience. Roger welcomes factual challenges based on scientific evidence and is open to amending the information provided in good faith if proven incorrect to Roger's satisfaction.

There are undoubtedly other people and practitioners with less experience who use the same or similar technology, techniques or products as described on the Natural Healing Solutions website. Natural Healing Solutions takes no responsibility for the actions of any other practice or individual promoting or using the same or similar technology, techniques or products. Roger will only ever endorse veterinary colleagues and para-professionals who he knows and whose work he knows and trusts.

Should you continue to browse and use this website for the purposes of infringing Roger's inalienable rights as set out under Magna Carta 1215 without good reason (namely, and solely because of an act of wilful harm deliberately caused by Roger against an animal under his care) you will be personally held to account, regardless of whether an employer has directed you to infringe Roger's inalienable rights. You are responsible for your own actions. It has been established that "following orders" is not an admissible defence in Court. Roger's fee for your infringements of his inalienable rights is £5,000,000 per person who partakes in such activity against Roger, per incident.

Based on the above knowledge, you are recommended to conduct yourself accordingly.

NB: Please note that the RCVS does not endorse any of the treatments or products that are referred to in this website or the claims made in respect of those products or treatments.

Roger can only comment on his past successes and experiences from his own and his clients' perspectives. It is impossible to guarantee success in any current individual situation based on a past successful experience. Roger will endeavour to give his honest opinion in good faith on individual cases but cannot be held accountable for any future occurrences. Roger can only give his best guess on what he may be able to achieve based on his experience after making a full and proper investigation and examination. Clients engage Roger's services on the understanding that he is human, has no crystal ball for seeing into the future, and whilst he tries to replicate the 80-90% success rate for treating with Scenar, there are by definition some cases that do not respond or are revealed to be more complex and serious than first believed for which no treatment would ever be successful. Roger will always endeavour to keep his clients fully informed of any change in his opinion throughout any treatment process.

Successful treatment is solely due to the body self-healing and Roger makes no specific medical claims regarding the use of these techniques and technologies to treat a specific disease or condition by direct action on it. Roger works on the basis as set out by Hippocrates to first do no harm, and then to treat the individual and not the disease. Although there is considerable science and research published to justify how Roger works, the energetic treatment techniques Roger uses should be considered experimental. Personal experience and personal recommendation by others who have experienced and witnessed the use of these devices remains the best possible guide to the probability of future successes, although past success is ultimately no guarantee of future success in an individual case.

These experimental energy balancing devices are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any specific medical condition in the conventionally accepted manner. Always consult with a licensed veterinarian for treatment of any animal regarding a medical condition. I cannot answer individual questions regarding compatibility of any of the techniques suggested with prescribed medications as they have not necessarily been tested together, in the same way that many prescription pharmaceuticals are not trialled in commonly used combinations either. Any answers to such questions must be considered an informed guess at best.

Whilst the mainstream Veterinary Medical Authorities consider that the majority of these techniques and products to be "unproven", Roger and his clients have had considerable successes, in many cases where "proven" approaches have failed.

There are a number of genuine reasons why some of the techniques and products Roger uses have not been subjected to the sort of trials often mistaken as evidence for being effective and "proven". Similarly, many "proven" commonly used techniques and products do not have this level of proof either if you look into them! In many cases the "science" behind these "proven" techniques and products is poor, unrepeatable and unreliable. This is what Dr Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet had to say on the subject in The Lancet in 2015.

Dr Richard Horton in the BMJ

He also wrote as Guest Editor for the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA 2000; 172:148-149)

"The mistake, of course, is to have thought that peer review was any more than a crude means of discovering the acceptability — not the validity — of a new finding. Editors and scientists alike insist on the pivotal importance of peer review. We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong."