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Natural Healing Solutions has a full eCommerce Shop where you can pay for distant consultations, treatments and/or get various different supplements and products that Roger recommends from both personal and professional use and experience. Product information is provided within the shop listing, but if you have any further questions please ask.

Please click on the not-so-subtle button below to enter, or via the drop-down Shop link (white font and trolley icon) under the yellow Shop heading in main navigation menu above. Enjoy!


For further information and to purchase any of the Wave Genetics Matrix range for your animals, please click through to the Wave Genetics website below. 


Roger advises people on the use of herbs for horses. Although not a herbalist himself, he has trusted companies who do! Roger only recommends companies and products that he has witnessed and heard good reports about.  Unfortunately, not all herbal products are what they claim. Some unscrupulous companies will use the wrong part of the plant (which is cheaper than the correct part) just so they can claim it an ingredient, or use it in such low amounts that it is not effective and you're paying a ridiculous amount per unit weight for what is in there. It is important that dried herbs are not kept in storage too long either, as the active chemicals can deteriorate if not stored properly and over time too.

Ron Fields is very experienced, and has a range of great products across the species board that I highly recommend, especially for fore and hind gut ulcers in horses. You can link through to his website using either link below. 

Ron Fields Nutrition"
Ron Fields Nutrition


Zero Breeze

Portable A/C unit that runs off a rechargeable battery (3-5 hours) and/or your 24v car charge outlet to keep you and your pets cool and safe from heat stroke that can lead to death.

(Ships worldwide from the USA.)

Zero Breeze AirCon for dogs in cars

RO Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis water filters by Osmio. Choose from the Fusion which needs to plumbed in,

Osmio Fusion water filter for plumbing in

or the Zero countertop portable unit. 

Osmio Zero portable Countertop water filter