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Roger's philosophy on the best course of treatment can be summed up as

"The right treatment, in the right order, at the right time by the right person

with the least possible interference necessary." 


Roger doesn't use pharmaceutical products and doesn't do surgery. He does everything possible to avoid those options, although sometimes surgery cannot be avoided, in which case there are some excellent veterinary surgeons with different surgical specialisations, be they orthopaedic or soft tissue. Consequently, Roger will always refer surgical cases to a specialist veterinary surgeon. 

On very, very rare occasions (possibly only 1 or 2 in 25+ years!), Roger might need to sedate a horse for treatment, but the vast majority enjoy and welcome the experience.

Roger uses what he considers to be the most cutting edge, advanced treatment modalities currently available anywhere. He has developed his approach and understanding over the last 30+ years, taking the best knowledge from conventional understanding alongside the best knowledge he has learned outside the proverbial box. Roger is always looking to improve on what he can offer, and will change and/or add to what he does to be the best he can be in what he does. 

Einstein's definition of madness is to do the same thing and expect a different result. Ultimately, people come to Roger for his advice and treatment because in many situations he offers hope and results that conventional approaches don't seem to be able to currently provide. Although Roger can often recover situations and deliver results where conventional approaches have failed, he nonetheless recognises that no treatment in an individual situation is ever 100% guaranteed. Outcome is a percentage probability and is never anything else whatever anybody tells you. The body ultimately heals itself, and all any treatment can try to achieve is to load the probability in favour of a full recovery.  In many cases this can be very close to 100%, and there will be many individuals that Roger can help with a very high degree of success. Unfortunately, there will be some he cannot. In view of his, Roger will always give you what he considers to be the likely range of outcome results and his best guess, based on his experience, where within that range he would expect the final outcome to be. Individuals respond at different rates too. Some who respond very well will recover more quickly from the same situation than others who respond more slowly. It takes a few sessions to get an idea if an individual is a faster, or slower responder and whether a slower responder needs additional support. On average, recovery is often 2-3 times faster using the techniques that Roger employs than would conventionally be expected, and with a more significantly reduced risk of recurrence.

To find out more about a treatment modalities Roger uses please click on the relevant button below.


  • Roger Meacock is by far the best vet I have come across in the UK (and I have worked with many).

    In a time of crisis where my sweet 14 year old dog was near death. Roger kept a cool head and guided me through the steps to take to bring him back from the edge using his strong intuition and natural medicine. I have been humbled by this experience.

    To make it even more miraculous he did so via the phone.

    Had it not have been for his support, expert guidance, sheer genuine and unsurpassable compassion and professionalism I cannot imagine what the outcome would have been for our beloved friend.

    Roger Meacock is brilliant. He was 100% there for us, 100% accurate, I cannot say enough about his skill and his level of care.

    We would have lost our dog if it had not have been for him.

    I am recommending him to everyone in my community. I rarely leave reviews, but this is too important. Trusting our friends health in the hands of vets can often end in heartache, of which I am too familiar. I want to really encourage you that with Dr. Meacock, you have finally found the vet you were looking for. It took me many years but now that I have found him I am not going anywhere else. He is our vet for life.
    – AlennaSelene Camoens
  • "You have such an easy-going nature that I feel I can talk to you honestly. You must realise that I spent ยฃ1000 on my dog give or take a little for absolutely nothing before I came to you."
    – Mrs H, Suffolk
  • We have a homebred mare who one day out of the blue at age 7 became a violent head shaker. My vet referred us to Veronica Roberts at University of Bristol Veterinary Referral Centre. After many diagnostics being done we were told she had neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve and it was so bad that we needed to have her PTS.
    I found a Vet called Roger Meacock who gave her 3 treatments with his scenar machine. Within days she was 100% perfect. She went on to race, and in retirement compete successfully at ROR dressage, and is still with us now.
    There are alternatives out there if you are prepared to be open minded ๐Ÿฅฐ
    – E.W. Gloucs
    Horse Breeder, Racehorse Trainer, Dressage rider.
  • I wish so much to have the likes of Roger Meacock as a vet in every town up and down country!
    If anyone has a problem with their pet big or small this is the type of man you should be asking for help with your beloved pets
    He has been very helpful to me in the past.
    – SD, Kent UK
    Posted on Facebook
  • Whatever you did yesterday [distance treatment with eLybra], Monty is showing signs of improvement - he normally spends some time lying next to me when I go to bed. However, once he's had enough attention, he always goes to sleep for the night on the bed in another room. Well last night he stayed all night! This morning he's eaten a few pieces of chicken & has gone out - since he's been ill he's come back in after ten minutes or so. He's been gone over an hour now so he must be feeling well enough to go for a mooch around.

    Thank you!
    – B.L., Wirral
  • My lovely Typsy receiving some healing therapy from the fabulous vet, Roger Meacock. (She had a high speed fall a few weeks ago and has been suffering with some stiffness and an elbow bursa as a consequence).

    She enjoyed the treatment so much, she lay down and went to sleep!
    – Catherine Elliott
    Posted on Facebook
  • Well so far so good ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I bought him in to ride last night and he didn't itch his mane once ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. You saw what he is normally like when you were here! So I'm incredibly happy so far. Thank you
    – Heidi Keller
  • Thank you for seeing Molly today. She got home and had a massive canter up and down the field - hasn't done that for weeks!
    – Karena Gomez
    Posted on FaceBook
  • "I just wanted to let you know that Boysie seems completely better after your visit. In fact I think he is moving better than before. Thank you for coming out so quickly and saving a referral visit to Potters Bar and goodness knows what type of tests and interventions."
    – PdT, Reading
  • "Thanks to your help, my horse that my usual vet told me to shoot 18 months ago has just successfully completed a 50 mile endurance race and now looking to go even further!"
    – International Endurance rider
  • "I simply cannot recommend Roger and his team highly enough. My horse had become spooky, shooting forward and sideways to the point of being dangerous to ride. He couldn't canter united, did not want to go forward into a contact and was generally very unhappy. Vets diagnosed SI and Suspensory ligament damage which after several thousand pounds worth of treatment was only likely to improve his performance (and comfort) by 75%.
    After two weeks treatment with Roger, I not only have my old horse back but the new improved version! Not only did he stop spooking and rushing off immediately after his treatment, he is working better than ever. We are now nearly three months post treatment and Charlie continues to go from strength to strength. I couldn't be happier, thank you guys!"
    – Jane Laid
  • Rogerโ€™s advice has healed my beloved dog, Oblong. Can't believe I needed to be told I could do a โ€˜DIYโ€™ raw diet. I want to kick myself that I just thought the options were kibble/tinned food (ie conventional) or the pre-packaged โ€™rawโ€™ diet. My nearly dead dog is like a puppy, his limp gone, his barely-healing tail tip fully healed. He is SO vital now. Thank you Roger for your time and your pragmatic suggestion.
    – D.S.
  • Roger has been nothing but amazing in his care and astute abilities to diagnose what was going on with my beloved canine companion. I recently went for a walk in Snelsmore Common where we stuck to the paths except for 5 minutes when he went to sniff around in a wooded area. Unbeknownst to me by doing so, he actually wandered into a location that was sprayed the day before with a toxic herbicide. There were no indications or posted warnings that the area had been sprayed. A few hours after returning home, he started trembling severely and uncontrollably for a period of 18 hours. It looked and felt like death was near, he was completely lifeless except for the tremors. Roger immediately knew that this was due to poison and treated him for such and it is thanks to his expert evaluation and prognosis that my dear friend is now on the road to recovery. I only found out 2 days later that the area he ventured into was in fact spayed with a chemical that is so toxic that it has banned in Wales and Scotland. This chemical causes severe neurological damage and painful death to ANY form of life. It is so dangerous and is classified as a severe threat to life that it is recommend that all wildlife be removed for a month after the spraying is administered. I could not have been more supported by Roger. He was immediately attentive to our needs and very astute with his recommendations. He made the time to be with us and prove us with his care through out this entire ordeal. I am very sure that at that moment, I would not have received the same level of precise care that we received, any where else in all of the UK. His skills and intuitive ability are second to none. We are lucky to have such a learned professional in our back yard. I highly recommend Roger to anyone else. The four legged members of your family will be more than cared for under his keen, diligent and loving supervision.
    – Andrew Camoens
  • "If you are a sceptic, suffer fools lightly and steer away from a lot of the bullsh*t in circulation, please read this....
    I have 50 years experience of owning dogs, world championship wins in Sprint and now one of the only true UK teams to be competing in long distance Husky racing on a world stage. Roger is without doubt an exceptional vet who has brought dogs back from where many others suggested that it was time to put them to sleep. He offers what no other has over the years, a natural assisted approach to healing solutions."

    – Peter Kay-Kujawski,
    ex-International athlete and first Brit to complete the 500km Finmarkslopet Husky Race
  • Rode Molly, and had a trot. We did one of our usual Saturday am rides for the first time in over 9 months! ๐Ÿ˜„ happy owner and thanks to Roger Meacock and the tablets & injections!
    – Karena Gomez
    Posted on FaceBook
  • Many thanks for the Sweet itch injections. My boys are doing really well and no rubbing.
    – Mandy Childs
    Posted on Facebook
  • Roger is a fantastic kind vet, who has amazing alternative methods for treating conditions successfully.
    – Rebecca Andrews
  • My old boy was diagnosed with a chronic injury to the suspensory ligament in both hind legs, low down where it branches at the fetlock when he was 14. We had 3 years of struggle with it, Liphook told me to put him down, and then someone recommended Roger Meacock at Natural Healing Solutions. Get in touch with him, if he can't fix the problem, then it probably isn't fixable!! Jeeves is 27 now and still in light work and he went back to dressage and showing after other vets told me he would never be paddock sound.
    – Madeline Taig
  • Well, a move to a cleaner environment, scenar, Quinton, and Roger Meacock's bio resonance homeopathy is most definitely working on Sun's tumour... It's dropping off!!
    – Beccy Smith
    Posted on Facebook
  • "Then there is Roger Meacock and his Russian machine... I have to admit that this one does it for me."

    Publish in Horse & Hound
    – Pammy Hutton, FBHS
    Joint Principal of The Talland School of Equitation, International Dressage Rider and Trainer
  • Lovely schooling session despite mud fever thanks to Roger Meacock!!
    – Rebecca Andrews
    Posted on Facebook

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