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Dysplasia Scheme

Get your dog X-rayed for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia under the Kennel Club/BVA Schemes. Get the best score possible taken by a fully qualified Radiographer with 40+ years experience.

Use the FaceBook link below to find out our clinic dates and contact details to book your dog for scoring.


Excellent X-ray of excellent hips

Some dogs such as this Clumber find SCI services more relaxing than others!

Southern Canine Imaging Ltd

SCI Ltd have a long history and huge following amongst dog breeders with a reputation for taking excellent X-rays to send to the British Veterinary Association for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia (HD & ED) scoring as part of the BVA/Kennel Club Health Schemes.

Positioning of the dogs to ensure the hips are symmetrical is essential in order to get a true representation of your dog's Hip Dysplasia status and the best possible score. Marilyn Baker is a fully qualified Radiographer with many years service within the NHS and with nearly 30 years experience of positioning the dogs and taking X-rays for hip and elbow scoring. Top breeders come from as far away as Scotland, Cornwall, the South of France and the Channel Islands to our clinic in Southwick, near Fareham, Hants. Roger provides all the veterinary services for the clinics, and can also see lame dogs at the end of the clinic days for situations where X-rays might be required.

With an experienced team handling and positioning the dogs and taking the X-rays under Marilyn's guidance you can be sure your experience is totally professional and as stress-free as possible for you and your dog(s).


Dogs having X-ray for scoring within the KC Health Scheme must be a minimum of 12 months old, although it is possible to screen younger dogs if you are worried that your dog might have, or be developing HD, or to make sure they are OK to start work training. If the hip socket is deep but the head is not sitting as well into the socket as possible you then have time to swim or otherwise strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and upper back legs to tighten the joint(s) ready for scoring at 1 year old.

ED is trickier to screen for in young dogs because one of the main issues is an un-united anconeal process. You can only diagnose this once the growth plates have fully closed, so elbows can only really be assessed when your dog is 1 year old. I have heard of cases where dogs under a year old have been diagnosed with ED and recommended for surgery. Due to circumstances this was delayed and when re-X-rayed much later after 1 year old, the original excess calcification was no longer visible.  I think it is perfectly possible that this additional bone is laid down during growth and then subsequently resorbed.  On that basis I would hesitate to rush into early surgery in more mild cases. Wherever possible, surgery for elbow replacements etc should be done when the dog has fully grown so that the correct size implant is chosen for the adult bones.  I would also suggest contacting me for conservative treatment options as this may well be treatable using Scenar and remedies etc if caught early.

If your dog is working either as a Gundog or doing agility etc then it is useful to know your dog's joint health status, not just for breeding purposes but to know what exercise they are realistically capable of. The lower the score the better with 0/0 being the best possible result. Breed averages are available for comparison to see whether your dog is suitable for breeding and likely to be in demand.

To book an appointment please contact Marilyn on 01329 230052. The Phone number for the clinic on clinic days only (dates posted on FB) is 023 9226 8860.