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The Science

What is Energy Medicine, and why use it?

Most scientists (other than the vast majority of medical scientists it seems) now accept that all matter at the sub-atomic level is fundamentally bundles of energy that materialise and disappear in a seemingly random fashion.

The standard model chart classifies the currently confirmed 17 sub-atomic "particles" of quarks, leptons and bosons are really 12 different bundles of energy and 5 different waves.

The latest one to be confirmed by detecting its signal (predicted in 1964) was the Higgs Boson that was detected in CERN, Switzerland in 2012. It is a Higgs wave that exists in the Higgs Field that was originally proposed in 1964 as a new kind of field that fills the entire Universe and gives mass to all elementary particles.

Mass is therefore a measure of the energy required to move a bundle of energy within its field.  You don't have to understand all the equations and physics associated with all the sub-atomic particles to understand and accept that everything is energy.

If all the atoms in our bodies were compacted to the dimensions of their nuclei, we would be one billionth of our size! To put it into perspective in terms of distances we can more easily comprehend, if a hydrogen atom (the smallest element in the Periodic Table) had a nucleus the diameter of a standard golf ball, the radius of the atom would be approximately 1300m.

The additional volume in atoms and bodies is created by energy interactions. Similarly, energy bonds atoms together in molecules. The strength and length of all these bonds are known and tabulated. The fact that there is a definitive energy and bond length associated with each atomic interaction means that every bond has a characteristic wavelength. It is the summation of all the bonds, their frequencies and energies within an object or organism that determines the overall frequency signature and physical characteristics of the individual or object. If sufficient energy at the appropriate resonant frequency is introduced, the bonds will break. For example, a singer can shatter a glass by singing its resonant frequency loud enough!

Frequency interference can occur at much lower power levels within an organism too. DNA can be damaged by mm waves used by telecoms that approximate to its molecule length. The fact that DNA is coiled makes it receive this energy like an aerial. As it heats up, single or double strand breakages occur in the DNA with biological consequences dependent on where the damage occurs. Voltage-gated ion channels are disrupted by very low power frequencies that approximate to their resonant frequency. One of the most important voltage-gated ion channels is that of Ca2+ which has a resonant frequency very close to the ELF carrier wave frequency used by telecoms.  Disruption causes an influx of Ca2+ that sets off an inflammatory cascade. Chronic inflammation is the basis for many chronic diseases. These are just a couple of the numerous examples of frequency interference of which there are too many to list individually.  You can start to appreciate how energy and frequency play an important role in how we function, and thus how we can be influenced.  In the same way that some uncontrolled and misdirected influences can be harmful, so others that are controlled and properly directed can be beneficial. This is the basis for Energy Medicine.

It shouldn't surprise us that our energy field extends beyond what we perceive as our physical body, which is only an expression of the visible spectrum by which we see.  Different bandwidth frequencies that originate within an organism can be detected with different equipment such as cameras and other electromagnetic measuring instruments, and sometimes by other organisms such as snakes that can tell where their prey is through sensing the heat they emit. Just because we personally cannot see or feel these frequencies, doesn’t mean they aren't there, and their associated energy too of course.  Infra-red cameras are used by the police to track criminals by following their heat energy emissions (radiated as infra-red frequencies). Roger uses an infra-red camera to identify areas of inflammation or abnormal circulation. See examples on the Diagnostics page. Temperature sensors in our skin can feel these heat differences too when they are big enough.

This is a photograph showing biophoton emissions around a finger (end on). Devices that capture and measure biophotons have been developed into diagnostic tools such as the GDV developed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov who has published a number of research papers on electrophotonic imaging and its use in diagnostics, as well as the scientific basis of integrative medicine, the energy of consciousness and the emerging science of water. Roger met Prof Korotkov at the Water Conference in Budapest a few years ago.

Fritz Albert Popp (1938-2018) was a German biophysicist who published about 150 papers on questions of theoretical physics and biology, complementary medicine and biophotons.  In 1996 he founded the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany, an

international network of 19 research groups from 13 countries involved in biophoton research and coherence systems in biology. His work and interviews are the subject of many videos on Youtube for those who want to learn more. His work was foundational in establishing Biophysics as a subject in its own right. In Roger's opinion, Biophysics is by far the more important discipline to help us understand how biology really functions, certainly compared with biochemistry, but it has yet to be fully appreciated and to take its rightful place at the pinnacle of biological and thus medical understanding where it deserves to be.

Energy Medicine is Logical

Given that the body is fundamentally energy and functions primarily in a biophysical manner and on an informational level, it is more logical to treat it with energy, frequencies and information than chemicals.

There are key energy portals called chakras which have been recognised and used for influencing the body to heali since ancient times in India. Energy flows in bodies along meridians that were identified by Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine thousands of years ago. Cellular junctions along these meridians have been shown to have enhanced glycocalyx intercellular communications. Korean scientists have discovered that meridians, that they call the primovascular system, can be stained with dyes which enables them to be histologically visualised under a microscope. This is proof that meridians exist.

Acupuncture points have been scientifically shown to be physiologically different from the surrounding skin. Professor Tiller at Stanford University, California showed that acupuncture points have a significantly lower electrical resistance and so can act as energy sinks from the skin surface to the deeper meridians. This is yet another way that external EMFs can have deeper influences than we are conventionally led to believe. 

The picture on the left above shows the corona discharge from 3 acupuncture points on the back of the hand that correspond to the red points on the acupuncture chart on the right. A Russian-designed piece of equipment called the Acuvision was used to create this effect and can be used to treat using air ion-puncture therapy.

Electrical charge is distributed through the bioactive points of least resistance that are linked to a weaker meridian. In this way, the meridian is strengthened as necessary. 

Professor Alfred Pischinger also recognised that communications are transmitted via the extracellular matrix (ECM) which propogates information far faster than nerves are capable of. Improving the function of the ECM is the basis for various bodywork practices based on myofascial release. Scenar will also interact with and improve ECM function. This also relies on good hydration which is enhanced by drinking structured water.

Energy medicine (CAM) takes on many forms - Acupuncture, Sound Therapy, various light therapies of different individual or mixed frequencies (eg different lasers, infra-red, photonic therapies etc), Homoeopathy and Scenar amongst many others. As you have read, there are some very well published and serious scientific researchers who have proved that there is a very real and scientific body of evidence to support Energy Medicine.

Anybody who says there is no science behind CAM needs to step away from the money vested in Pharma and learn more science – ie. quantum biophysics.

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