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Natural Iminosugars with potent immune-boosting properties to fight Cancer

Case Studies

The following case studies were published by Our Dogs newspaper published on 22nd Feb 2019.

  • The video above was of a 13-year-old black Labrador from Aberystwyth, called Holly, who developed lumps on her lower lip which her vet expected would quickly spread to her lungs. Instead of surgery or chemotherapy, Holly's owner Hazel gave her Iminohoney in her food every three days for six weeks. The lumps cleared and never came back.
  • Ole Blue, a 12-year-old Tibetan Terrier from Cambridge was diagnosed with a liver tumour the size of a golf ball and secondary tumours in the lungs. The vet recommended he was put down. After taking Iminohoney all his symptoms such as general malaise and loss of bladder control went and he lived more than another year in good health before dying of old age.
  • Bolly, a Malamute from Lincolnshire started taking Iminohoney three times a week after cancer surgery which had discovered secondaries that were not removed. Bolly was given the all clear at a six month check-up.
  • A vet in Essex has been trialling Iminohoney on four older dogs with tumours and has noticed an improvement in the general wellbeing of them all. None of the tumours have grown any further. She said: "One dog is even doing things it hadn't done for a while, like chasing squirrels!"

Iminohoney - a Revolution is coming!

Iminohoney is an innovative product from Dr Robert Nash GlycoHealth. His Laboratory has been working on their Mission to develop innovative improved pharmaceutical products to treat and cure serious illnesses utilising Glycobiology (sugar biology) and the Power of Plants. They use natural plant extracts with health-promoting iminosugar content. There are many sugars used in the body for important functions and they offer exciting new opportunities for treating many diseases.

Sugars or carbohydrates are vital to health in many ways and faults in sugar biochemistry occur in most diseases and in ageing. Iminosugars have the remarkable ability to correct many of these errors and restore a youthful balance. For over 30 years Dr Nash and his researchers have led the way in identifying natural plant iminosugars in herbal medicines and healthy foods and in determining how they work in promoting good health. Many modern fruit and vegetable varieties lack the iminosugars as they have been blindly bred out in favour of shelf-life and appearance, etc. Most food supplement products based on extracts also lack the natural iminosugars in favour of coloured anti-oxidants which can often have limited health benefits.

The science of DrNashGlycoHealth is supported by R&D company PhytoQuest Ltd with over 18 years of pharmaceutical discovery and development and over 200 refereed publications and patents. PhytoQuest are world leaders in the discovery of iminosugars.

Research suggests they are the elusive active components of many if not most herbal medicines (Nash et al., 2011). Iminosugars are natural, stable small carbohydrate analogues with the ring Oxygen replaced by Nitrogen. They are present in many clinically proven herbal medicines but rarely noticed in the past because they are difficult to detect and their effects on sugar biochemistry can be very subtle. They have a wide range of biological effects related to their ability to correct aberrations in sugar biochemistry; such aberrations occur in most diseases and iminosugars offer an exciting new way to control such diseases.

Why Plants Produce Iminosugars and How They Benefit Us

Plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to produce sugars by photosynthesis. The sugars are the starting point for all molecules used for growth by plants and other organisms. Many plants protect these sugars by producing iminosugars that reduce the ability of other organisms to utilise the sugars efficiently. The iminosugars are present in almost all plants but have an enormous diversity of structures and biological activities. Sugars are important to human biochemistry not just for energy but also act as important signalling molecules on cells. The iminosugars are able to regulate sugar biochemical processes in animals in very specific ways. Some inhibit particular enzymes involved in sugar release from foods and the uptake into the blood stream. Others speed up the removal of sugars from the blood and improve control of blood glucose. We are particularly interested in new types of iminosugar that interact with sugar receptors and are effective at very low concentrations without inhibiting enzymes. A few rare compounds can correct defective immune responses.

The detection of iminosugars in plants has been very slow in the scientific literature because the analysis is difficult and most laboratories still do not see or measure them. They are little explored except by the researchers behind DrNashGlycoHealth. The importance of the iminosugars to good health is becoming clear. Many commercial health supplements from plants contain no iminosugars even if the source plant did. It is, therefore, important to ensure the extraction process allows iminosugars to be extracted otherwise some or even all of the health benefits of the plant may be missing in the final purified product. Carbohydrates are crucially important to good health and iminosugars offer a unique natural way of regulating vital processes in the body using sugars.

IminoSugar Certified

All products from DrNashGlycoHealth carry the Iminosugar Certified logo.

This means the iminosugars of the plant have been retained, measured and the product quality controlled for their concentration.

Iminosugar Science Network (ISN)

The science of iminosugars is a specialised area with few groups able to isolate and identify them in plants and microbial material. DrNashGlycoHealth has an advisory group (ISN) of the major researchers in the field of natural iminosugar isolation, biology and chemistry.


Nash, R.J., Kato, A., Yu, C-Y., Fleet, G.W.J. (2011) Iminosugars as therapeutic agents: recent advances and promising trends. Future Med. Chem. 3 (12): 1513-1521.

It is widely accepted that a normal, healthy and effective immune system is responsible for removing cancerous cells that are naturally produced by animals through-out their life. Tumour cells can become established and spread only by evading the immune system, or if the immune system response is defective in some way. As animals age they typically have weaker immune responses and this gives more opportunities for cancerous cells to become established. Once this happens they can release factors that then further inhibit an effective immune response to the developing tumour.

IminoHoney is the result of an amazing series of serendipitous events leading to vastly expensive and advanced R&D discoveries. It started after Dr Nash was contacted by Mrs Elizabeth Langford in 2002, who had been prescribed a herbal preparation in Western Samoa "to make her well" after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The preparation yielded a new natural iminosugar called casuarine that was found to boost the immune response both in cell cultures, animals and humans. The compound is extremely rare but by chance it was discovered in a Mediterranean plant (Myrtus communis) cultivated in West Wales (curiously in the Mediterranean, the species does not produce casuarine). The compound is highly effective. Dr Nash found a specific type of honey that is rich in this molecule and it is now available in single portion 5ml sachets as a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. It can added to food once every 3 days. It is not recommended for animals with diabetes. The compound itself has not shown any signs of toxicity in a wide range of laboratory tests.

Honey is well-known in traditional medicine for wound healing as bacteria cannot grow in such high sugar concentrations, but honey typically only works when applied to the wound. IminoHoney is unique in having an iminosugar compound that is measurable in the product which distinguishes it from other honeys such as Manuka.

IminoHoney can be bought from Roger as single portion 5ml sachets in boxes of 10. It is packaged to human food health standards. One sachet's contents are added to you pet's food once every three days. The first three sachets may be given on consecutive days (one each day) but we suggest caution with animals with diabetes.

It is available to purchase on Roger's online eStore here.

The following X-rays were taken of a dog that was showing abdominal discomfort. In the first X-ray taken on 17th December 2020, there is an obvious and significant space-occupying mass that is displacing the lower bowel downwards away from the spine - see arrows.

The option given was an an exploratory laparotomy to see if the mass was operable and could be removed. In such circumstances there is often the priviso that if a mass of significant size is discovered, and if inoperable, then the dog would be euthanised without being brought round from surgery. In this case, this was not an acceptable option and the owners opted to try Iminohoney. This was the only treatment given.

The subsequent X-rays on 3rd January 2021 and then 1st February 2021 show how much the mass had substantially reduced.

The dog has regained his vigour and is still going strong....


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