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The Life of Prion

It's been a few months now since the end of July when I published the Open Letter of Concern co-authored by Dr Kevin McCairn to the UK Veterinary Medicines Directive (VMD). The VMD duly replied with their stock script on the last day of response as they predicted. It, and my thoughts on that can be read below the Open Letter.

Soon after publishing and before the VMD the letter obtained 2 more co-signatories. Dr Max Thornsberry DVM of R-CALF-USA agreed to co-sign it on behalf of his organisation which supported his own concerns that he had independently raised. As it turns out, Dr Thornsberry has had concerns over prions for over 20 years and in December 2003 he organised a Prion Disease Round Table for cattle industry stakeholders to discuss the dangers. Dr Siguna Mueller PhD, PhD later agreed to co-sign the letter too. She has written a book on the dangers of the mRNA platform. 

Our common denominator other than our concerns over mRNA and prions, is that others who should be interested and concerned about the prion issue in animals seem to prefer to stick their heads in the sand and hope the risk might never materialise or go away.  It wasn't for lack of trying on my part. I contacted the UK veterinary societies for cattle, sheep and pigs, Lord Trees in Westminster, the National Farmers' Union, the National Beef Association, the National Craft Butchers and various others in the media, some of which showed interest and followed up such as UK Column News, Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health and Dr Vliet of the Truth for Health Foundation. All of these invited me to do at least one podcast to highlight the concerns. It would be great to get other vets, farming and meat-related businesses and organisations interested to help spread awareness. To date it has been a rather fruitless task. I hope that will change for the better, or none of them (or us) will have much of a future unless a way to reverse prion misfolding can be found.

Dr Kevin McCairn continues to present new prion-related and other research that is highly relevant to this situation in his own unique style. Prion research seems to be moving forward at pace, much of which adds knowledge that only heightens our concerns. There is now more than significant information to indicate that the COVID situation arose through gain of function research, and as such, all recognised modifications to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein must be considered to have been deliberate. Charles Rixey, who regularly discusses the situation with Kevin online, has presented to the US Government on the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 was the result of bioweapons research. Documents exist where prions have been analysed for their potential as bioweapons, and whether SARS-CoV-2 originated within such a program or not, conversations need to be had to ensure this type of research never happens again.

With the new and ever-emerging prion research it is clear that the full scale of what was engineered is far from being fully understood and that therefore nobody has any concept of the full scale of the disaster that could be unleashed if it hasn't been already. The mRNA technology fits into this scenario, because being a biological therapeutic agent it has great potential to amplify the problems that have been identified. The sheer numbers that would be involved in veterinary medicine clearly have $$$ rolling in peoples' eyes that is blinding them from the risks, but by the same numbers anything that creates a biological hazard (as they have the potential to) has existential implications for us all.

I have therefore put together a relatively short presentation video explaining some of the new research that Dr McCairn has found and shared regarding our expanding understanding about prions, and the potential disaster they could inflict on both humans and animals were the mRNA platform to be rolled out into widespread veterinary use.

03.02.2024 Update: Since December 2023 new research has emerged that significantly alters and adds to our understanding of prions and the risks that mRNA jab use in animals might entail. The original video has therefore been updated and uploaded below. Consequently, it's a bit longer than before!