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Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS has been at the forefront of quantum veterinary medicine in the UK for the last 25+ years. His practice, Natural Healing Solutions, offers a referral and 2nd opinion veterinary service throughout the UK and internationally. Consequently, he does not provide first opinion work as he cannot guarantee being available to tend animals' needs 24/7/365, although he will always help where he can at short notice and at unsociable hours. Roger will go wherever required, and has travelled and treated abroad too. He treats mostly horses and dogs, but the cutting edge techniques he uses can be used for any species. Roger has treated cattle, sheep, pigs and cats in the past. Roger appreciates that your animal is part of your family; whether your family pet or a working dog, a happy hack or an Olympic gold medal winner, and everything inbetween. Roger has treated animals across this whole spectrum, and always does his best regardless.

If you have a veterinary problem that conventional approaches don't seem to be resolving, are only offering surgery/treatments with little hope of success and a very guarded prognosis, or you simply prefer a more natural but scientific approach that aims to heal or cure rather than patching up and symptomatically suppressing, then get in contact with Roger. We can timetable a consultation by phone or Zoom to establish what the problem is with a view to arranging an appointment or visit, or we can go straight to an appointment or visit if you prefer. Roger promises to give you a realistic assessment as to how he can help in advance, and thereafter during through the treatment and recovery process too. It is not in anybody's interest for Roger to treat individuals that he honestly doesn't think have much chance of coming right, although he is always happy and willing to give it his best attempt even when the odds are seemingly stacked against us, but at least you are making that decision in full knowledge and disclosure. The flip side to this is that if Roger thinks there is a good chance of a positive result and lasting outcome, he is very rarely proven wrong. In many cases, Roger has successfully taken on cases that other vets have given up on, or are considered no-hope situations. Surgery can often be avoided, but if he doesn't think it can be, he will tell you. If the situation requires other para-professionals to do what they do first, Roger has a great team of very experienced and excellent people he turns to, many of whom are pushing the boundaries in their own field too. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions. As a vet, Roger's work is usually covered under your Insurance policy, but it is always best to get this confirmed in advance in writing or email having spoken to Roger.

If you have a specific veterinary health issue you are seeking help for, you may find relevant information on this website. However, it cannot cover every condition and species individually, so please don't assume just because you can't find any information on a particular issue that Roger can't help. Contact him and ask!! Roger will discuss your situation and give you a fair and honest appraisal. Roger gets the vast majority of his work through recommendation and word of mouth, so it's not in his or your interest to give you an unrealistic expectation. Yours wouldn't be the first case that was previously written off with no hope to have then made an excellent recovery using Roger's holistic approach and techniques.

Roger also treats people as a Complementary and Alternative Practitioner. There are more details on this on his website dedicated to this aspect of his work here.

PFFA Veterinary Advisor and Ambassador

Roger has been appointed as the Veterinary Advisor and Ambassador for the People's Food and Farming Alliance who are campaigning for a return to ethical, regenerative and sustainable farming. Find out how you can support this invaluable work that supports improved animal welfare and food security, and source locally produced food direct from farmers through local co-operatives here.

What you can expect from Roger


This involves

  • Taking an extensive history,
  • A thorough physical assessment.
  • Thermal imaging with Scenar confirmation
  •  He may need to see your horse trotted up and/or lunged.

Roger will then discuss the way forward with you. This might involve just Roger's treatment techniques, or he might recommend something else first.  It is important to do certain treatments in the correct order, or you won't get the best result that will last.


Roger treats every individual on a bespoke basis using the following advanced treatment modalities, based on sound quantum biophysical scientific principles.

  • Bioresonance
  • Wave Genetics
  • Herbs
  • Supplements

Other treatment modalities are added if they add to what Roger can do, or can improve on what he is already doing.


Prevention is always better than cure. Roger and the techniques he uses can equally be used to help maintain health, and optimise performance.

Injuries can often start as a deterioration that is impercebtible on a day-to day basis before they "suddenly" become noticeable.

Regular sessions can help minimise this. How regularly sessions are needed will be determined by age, level of work, ability and other factors that Roger will discuss with you on an individual basis.

Roger's aim is always to identify and resolve the root cause of any problem with the least interference necessary.  That way, costs are kept as low as possible and the chances of recurrence are minimised.


Roger tries to keep his charges as reasonable as possible. Time spent driving is time that could be spent earning at home. Consequently, mileage, fuel and other car costs, plus driving time must be taken into consideration when calculating the call-out charge. The more treatments Roger can link together in the more distant areas the more his call-out costs can be spread equally between every treatment in the loop. Roger will travel long distances to see one animal if requested, but will have to charge accordingly.

Roger's fees per 15 minutes of phone/Zoom consultation are currently less than the UK average for a veterinary consultation that often only lasts 10 minutes. Roger reserves the right to charge accordingly for all advice provided, although where this is a brief call that leads to a visit, Roger will frequently waive this phone consultation charge. Visits will usually take up to an hour, but can sometimes be longer to begin with and shorter as we near resolution, but are charged the same. The number of sessions required and how frequently they will be necessary will vary individually too. Roger will discuss this with you at the beginning.

NB: Please be aware that once you have committed to having a visit and treatment, and you have been taken into consideration when organising a long distance day away to multiple locations, cancellations can have big implications for Roger and others which may result in the whole day suddenly becoming unviable. Maximum notice of cancellation is essential in order to give time for replacements to be found. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged at the full fee.

Local visits are considered on an individual basis. They can be much more easily rearranged, are much less of an issue because they don't necessarily impact Roger's other clients too. 


"Roger's Sweet Itch injection was the best thing for my Welsh boy. He used to be cooped up in sweet itch rugs and sprays but after 2 injections he is happily living out rugless again. Very happy pony with a lovely mane growing back. No need to hogg him to keep it under control."
– Teagan Epps, Wilts,
Equine Science graduate and Professional Groom

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