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Pet Protector

4 year chemical-free protection for your pet from fleas

If you support the idea of using a Pet Protector instead of chemical flea products then you can get involved with spreading the word and selling them yourself to make a bit of extra money.

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Toxic Flea Treatments

Toxic levels of chemical flea treatment products have been detected in rivers throughout England as reported here in The Freshwater Blog. Whilst pet flea treatments may not be totally to blame, as these chemicals are also used as insecticides, their contribution cannot be denied. There is no doubt that insect levels are significantly lower than before, including our bee population that is of course crucial for plant pollenation which is of course essential for our food crops.

There are a number of owner groups on Social Media platforms where people discuss this rise in adverse reactions that have occured after various spot-on flea/worm treatments have been used. This has increased as resistance has grown and treatment regimes have changed in some circumstances from once every 3 months to monthly. This is a 3 times increase in dose for our pets too.

Toxicity is effectively dose-dependent. Water can be toxic in too high a quantity! The nature of chemical flea treatments is that they are toxic to the insect's nervous system which kills them when they bite your pet. Spot-on treatments are absorbed at the area where they are administered but of course don't just stay localised to that area. They spread throughout your pet's body - not just in the skin, although where it is applied obviously receives the highest concentration and dose. Reactions are most noticeable when they occur at this site, but we don't know the cumulative effect of years on monthly applications of these chemicals in other areas of the body such as the liver and kidneys etc.

We should also bear in mind that people who are in close contact with their pets may be receiving small doses too. When we walk them in the countryside and let them swim, especially in the few days following administration, this is the time when some of the chemicals will be washed off into the rivers. Insects are incredibly sensivitve and a single dog dose can kill something like 25,000,000 bees. Smaller insects will be worse affected too.

Magnetic Field Treatment

Pet Protectors emit a magnetic field that can be measured with an App you can get for your phone. This magnetic field carries a frequency that repels fleas, and ticks to a lesser degree in my experience. They last 4 years and just by hanging them on your pet's collar they effectively receive and transmit the signal themselves, so you don't have to worry about remembering to use or apply chemicals. The magnetic field is completely harmless to your pet and the fleas themselves. It's a bit like the devices you can get that repel mice/rats and moles from your house/garden. I have personally repeated the measuring of the magnetic field as shown on the following video and can vouch for it's presence.