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Nutritional support for bone matrix for best bone quality and foundation for cartilage to prevent DJD

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OsteoEquine® is a new product designed specifically for the promotion and maintenance of bone strength in horses, especially foals. Horses, and in particular sports horses, are forcibly developed and exercised far beyond their natural capability during their first two years. This places an unnatural strain on the skeletal system which increases the risk of poor bone development resulting in fractures.

OsteoEquine® favours the formation of strong, healthy bones because it increases the levels of specific milk proteins needed for the natural processes of bone development. Numerous published clinical studies have proven the efficacy of this product which is trusted by race horse trainers in Japan and Europe.

The Science

The active ingredient in OsteoEquine® is isolated from a very specific fraction of whey protein from milk. Certain proteins within whey have been shown to help maintain bone strength in horses.

OsteoEquine® contains a unique ingredient which is now scientifically known as milk based protein (MBP). It consists of several biologically active milk proteins with a composition of approximately 54% lactoferrin and 41% lactoperoxidase, along with cystatin C, angiogenin, kininogen and HMG-like protein. As a functional compound, MBP has been repeatedly shown to improve and maintain bone strength by a significant reduction of bone resorption.

Studies have shown that OsteoEquine® has both stimulated osteoblast (bone forming cells) and inhibited osteoclast (bone destroying) cells.

The graphs on the left demonstrate OsteoEquine®’s ability to maintain bone strength.

Osteoblasts are bone forming cells and Graph 1 shows an increase in these types of cells following OsteoEquine® supplementation.

Graph 2 relates to Osteoclasts, which are bone destroying cells. This graph shows osteoclast activity decreasing following different strength preparations of OsteoEquine®.

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