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"There are no authorities whatsoever: no President, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow."
– Wilhelm Reich

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This website contains information on various treatments and products that I, Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS, a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon, use within my Referral and Second Opinion practice since I first started specialising in Complementary and Alternative techniques beginning with magnotherapy in about 1996, followed by Scenar from early 1998. Various other techniques and products have been added since then, and no doubt there are more to come ...

The majority of my work is with horses, although I treat quite a few dogs too. There is no reason why these products and techniques cannot be applied to farming and/or other species not mentioned at present where appropriate. I also treat people in my capacity as a Complementary and Alternative Practitioner. There are more details on this aspect of my work alongside products suitable for human use on my other website accessible through the "Human Treatments" tab in the main menu.

Whilst the mainstream Veterinary Medical Authorities consider that the majority of these techniques and products to be "unproven", I and my Clients have had considerable successes, in many cases where "proven" approaches have failed. There are a number of genuine reasons why some of the techniques and products I use have not been subjected to the sort of trials often mistaken as evidence for being effective and "proven". Similarly, many "proven" commonly used techniques and products do not have this level of proof either! In many cases the "science" behind these "proven" techniques and products is poor, unrepeatable and unreliable. This is what Dr Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet has to say on the subject.

I am constantly on the look-out for new techniques, products and ideas to improve my treatment capabilities and services that I offer and to fill any gaps. I have a wish list .... !!!

If you have a specific veterinary health issue you are seeking help for, you may find relevant information on the website. However, I cannot cover every condition and species here so please contact me with individual requests to discuss your situation for a fair and honest appraisal. I get the vast majority of my work through recommendation and word of mouth, so it's not in my or your interest to give you an unrealistic expectation. However, many cases that were previously written off with no hope (either at all or unless without drastic surgery or risky medication) have made an excellent recovery using my holistic approach and mostly non-invasive techniques. I use injections where needed (eg for Sweet Itch or for sedation where necessary), but haven't performed surgery for many years as there are good surgeons I would rather refer to as appropriate if I consider that I, or others I know, cannot help avoid it. Sometimes my role is just to refer patients to a more appropriate option or to see others first and in the right order to ensure my work is most effective.

I hope you enjoy my Natural Healing Solutions website and eShop. Thank you for visiting.

Best wishes


P.S. Please check in regularly to see what's new or follow me on Social Media.


Client Testimonials

  • "A massive thank you to Roger for all the work with my horse Jeeves a few years ago now, this weekend he qualified for the Supreme Championship at the Veteran Horse Society Championship show in a couple of weeks, something we never thought he would do when he first injured his suspensories."
    – Madeline Heath
  • "My eyes are no longer sore and inflamed from Macular Degeneration and the progress of damage has been much slowed down in the left eye. The right eye which was very badly damaged has improved slightly."
    – C.E., Reading
  • "I wanted a long-term solution, not something that looked okay on the scan for five minutes."
    – Kate Tarrant (nee Lukas)
    Professional Event Rider
  • "Thank you sending me my second batch of Active H2. I am happy to tell you that this stuff has been a revelation! I have suffered from a combination of asthma and nasal polyps for about 15 years, and needed three surgeries during that time.

    Doctors have no 'cure' for this and so over the years I have tried many, many natural therapies and currently take a handful of supplements every day. But nothing has been as effective as Active H2. After about a week of drinking this water daily my sinuses began to open and for the first time in many years I could actually smell and taste food. I have not known this pleasure for a long time. It could, of course, be due to the combined effect of some of my other supplements, but this happened only after I started Active H2."
    – GK, United Kingdom
  • "Thank you for sorting Whoop! He did his first competition since his PSD problems. 2nd, 1st, 2nd against the para team horses. He was fabulous! Thanks so much!"
    – B.S.
  • "I was at first a bit sceptical but once I put her on the tablets she is back to being a happier dog. Thanks again. I will be ordering regularly."
    – Dog Owner re Roger's e-Lybra Osteoarthritis Formula
  • "I owe it to treating PSD holistically"
    – Karen Simpson
    Horse & Hound, 27 Oct 2011
  • "Thanks to your help, my horse that my usual vet told me to shoot 18 months ago has just successfully completed a 50 mile endurance race and now looking to go even further!"
    – International Endurance Rider
  • "My Great Dane puppy had a ligament injury at a very early age. My Vet wanted expensive and very intrusive surgery, that had all sorts of risks of it going wrong and was very severe. Roger gave two sessions of SCENAR, and Teifi's injury was as good as new - he has had Best Puppy In Breeds at championship shows since."
    – Kris Kingsley
  • "Roger has treated both of my horses with Quinton Marine Plasma for sweet itch with great success. He's also used his Scenar machine to help with my hamstring strain three months after the event. To say I feel a miracle has occurred is no exaggeration! I've gone from taking Neproxin daily to no pain killers. The muscles in my lower back no longer hurt, the sciatic pain has all be disappeared after just one treatment! I just don't understand why doctors and other vets aren't recommending these treatments. I didn't even know Roger was a vet when I booked the appointments. Highly, highly recommended!"
    – Kim Parker Adcock
  • "I simply cannot recommend Roger and his team highly enough. My horse had become spooky, shooting forward and sideways to the point of being dangerous to ride. He couldn't canter united, did not want to go forward into a contact and was generally very unhappy. Vets diagnosed SI and Suspensory ligament damage which after several thousand pounds worth of treatment was only likely to improve his performance (and comfort) by 75%.
    After two weeks treatment with Roger, I not only have my old horse back but the new improved version! Not only did he stop spooking and rushing off immediately after his treatment, he is working better than ever. We are now nearly three months post treatment and Charlie continues to go from strength to strength. I couldn't be happier, thank you guys!"
    – Jane Laid
  • "Just to let you know that Merlin seemed much improved after taking your natural (osteoarthritis) tablets and performed really well at the Pony Club Nationals. Many thanks indeed."
    – L.S.
  • "We are delighted with the results since a month ago our own Vet was telling us our dog Ruby may have to have her toe amputated."
    – IG, Wiltshire
  • "I had a rotational fracture of my upper arm in September, leaving me with considerable pain and restricted movement. Following treatment from Roger Meacock in December I have had incredible improvement. I would recommend this treatment prior to considering other solutions such as injections or surgery."
    – Mary Dollimore
  • "His tendon is healing with no scarring or adhesions. My Vet now thinks he will be able to do dressage again, which was thought unlikely when he first did the injury."
    – Dressage Trainer
  • "I have been using Roger Meacock and his bioresonance Quinton injections for over 4 years now to help my South American polo ponies who suffer really badly with sweet itch. They used to rub themselves totally raw, with big open weeping sores on their necks, tails and tummies. I tried every herbal remedy I could find, every cream, paste or liquid and none had any lasting effect and in some cases made them much worse. I was recommended Roger and we have not looked back since, I noticed an immediate improvement within 3 days of the first injection, the ponies looked more comfortable and not trying to itch constantly. That 1st year I continued with a herbal remedy to make sure we kept on top of the itching but for the last 3 years I have given them nothing at all except the 6 to 8 weekly Quinton injection from April through to September, saving a fortune.
    Roger’s amazing Quinton injections have given my ponies a chance of normal life, they can be turned out day or night and have lovely shine coats with no sores or rub patches. So much so that one of them won Reserve Champion at an In hand Show and the Judge was amazed to hear the pony was a sweet itch sufferer, as her coat was in such incredible condition."
    – Clare Macnamara
  • "This is just a quick note to say the biggest thank you for so kindly driving all that way to see my Aunt's dog in Newark, Lincs the other day especially at such a short notice. My Aunt has reported that Cherry had been very miserable, but the morning after you treated her, Cherry was like a different dog. She has a new lease of life and has been so happy & is bouncing around everywhere! The wounds on the leg are now healing really well too."
    – IL, Wiltshire
    Dog treated with Scenar post orthopaedic surgery.
  • "Then there is Roger Meacock and his Russian machine... I have to admit that this one does it for me."
    – Pammy Hutton, FBHS
    Joint Principal of The Talland School of Equitation, International Dressage Rider and Trainer
  • "You have such an easy-going nature that I feel I can talk to you honestly. You must realise that I spent £1000 on my dog give or take a little for absolutely nothing before I came to you."
    – Mrs H, Suffolk
  • "Best thing I ever did for my show cob (Buster) was to have Roger inject him. He's a different animal - itching stopped = happy horse!"
    – Annette Hance, Faringdon
  • "Roger's Sweet Itch injection was the best thing for my Welsh boy. He used to be cooped up in sweet itch rugs and sprays but after 2 injections he is happily living out rugless again. Very happy pony with a lovely mane growing back. No need to hogg him to keep it under control."
    – Teagan Epps, Wilts
    Equine Science graduate and Professional Groom
  • "Roger Meacock has done wonders with all my sweet itch horses from a 12.2hh show hunter pony, cob and WB dressage horse."
    – Charlotte Culley
  • "When we bought him we were told he cannot show jump. Since you treated him for PSD he has been successfully jumping!!"
    – Happy owner

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